"Shifting 1 Million Young Minds by 2020"

Program Overview


The Choose2Luv™ (C2L) Youth Training Curriculum embodies the “inside/out” premise that when self-love is first achieved, then love and respect for others can manifest. When youth catch the vision on the value and preciousness of their own lives, they can then embrace the concept of "loving thy neighbor".  They begin to understand that together they form a communal tapestry that will define their existence during their time in history.  From here, they can grasp the importance of personal achievement and legacy, leading to the development of a life strategy that will serve as their personal success map.

The Idea

The Choose2Luv™ (C2L) Youth Training Curriculum guides students through a rigorous 10-month process where principles of self-value and self-worth, respect for others, and personal achievement are taught via an experiential learning method developed by the C2L founders.

How it Works

Students are given an initial assessment to determine baseline attitudes along key values.

Module 1 - Love of Self

  • Understanding the miracle of YOU
  • Your individual uniqueness
  • What are you telling yourself?

Module 2 - Respect for Others

  • Sharing space and time
  • Thoughts are things
  • We are our brother's and sister's keeper

Module 3 - Vision of Success

  • Success is a choice
  • The power of decision
  • Winning against all odds

Students are given a post assessment to measure changes in attitudes along key values. Results are measured against the pre-assessment given 10 months prior.

Key Benefits

  • Students emerge with elevated levels of self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Students develop a healthy respect for their peers and others in their community.
  • Students are inspired to strive for personal excellence and high achievement.