"Shifting 1 Million Young Minds by 2020"

Program Overview

The Choose2Luv™ (C2L) Youth Empowerment model embodies the “inside/out” premise that when self-love is first achieved, then outward love and respect for others can manifest. When youth catch the vision (i.e., gain wisdom) on the value and preciousness of their own lives, they can then make better choices across many areas of human interaction. They will make better choices dealing with inner-conflict, and consequently, make better choices when dealing with external conflict.

Youth today face tremendous forces of external conflict. There has been much media attention focused on conflict between youth and law enforcement. However, even more pervasive is the conflict that exists between youth themselves. In both cases, there is a heightened level of mutual fear, which fosters a hostile environment, often leading to extreme violence.

Youth must first understand how valuable their lives are, and that THEY must “Choose2Luv” themselves when facing potentially dangerous situations. This means understanding that their #1 priority is self-preservation, i.e., personal safety. There are specific thought processes and behaviors that youth should use to remain safe. Unfortunately, many lack basic wisdom in this area, simply due to lack of exposure.

The Idea

Choose2Luv™ (C2L) Youth Empowerment training inspires youth to value human life, starting with their own. Youth are trained during a 2-hour session on how to handle the precarious situations when confronted by a police officer, or by a peer, or stranger. They come to understand that “the tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21), and that their words (and body language) have power to diffuse many situations and prevent violent outcomes. When youth gain wisdom in this area, they will be empowered to make better choices during key moments of conflict. These choices can de-escalate potentially violent situations and keep them safe. A post-training follow up strategy reinforces and extends the C2L concepts.

How it Works

  • Participants are given an initial assessment to determine how they would respond in various types of conflict.
  • Participants are guided through multiple interactive training modules, each designed to empower students with a response paradigm that focuses on self-worth, personal responsibility, and accountability.
  • Participants are given a post-assessment to understand how the training may have impacted them.
  • Participant cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses are collected for follow-up training and reinforcement of key principles.

Key Benefits

  • Participants feel a heightened sense of self-worth and personal accountability.
  • Participants understand the connection between their beliefs, their actions, and the results they get in life.
  • Participants learn that they have the power to choose their thoughts and their response to any stimulus.
  • Participants learn that success is not defined by bravado, but by their ability to de-escalate a conflict and avoid a bad outcome (e.g., being arrested, getting injured, being suspended for fighting, etc.)
  • Participants leave with a "shifted" mindset that increases their chances of remaining safe during a conflict.