"Shifting 1 Million Young Minds by 2020"

Our Story

The Choose2Luv Movement was founded by Darrell Butler and Derek Ross, who met during their freshman year at Cornell University in 1983. The two became quick friends, and eventually fraternity brothers and roommates. After graduation, their careers took them to different parts of the country. However, by 2008, they had both relocated to Orlando, FL.

Over the past few years, Darrell & Derek have grown increasingly disturbed with the heightened level of violence against youth, both police-on-youth AND youth-on-youth. So the two friends formed a non-profit and developed a training program designed to equip young people with cognitive skills to help them survive various types of conflict, whether that be conflict with law enforcement or conflict with peers. They call the program "Choose2Luv", because the training inspires participants to make empowered choices through a belief paradigm of self-love and self-worth, as well as, respect and value of others.

After conducting the training with various youth groups in Orlando, they received requests to offer the training in other cities. Hence, the idea was conceived to create an infrastructure that would allow the Choose2Luv training program to be scaled nationally.